About Me

My name is Ayam Sharma and I am a Graphic designing student
at City Tech. I am doing my second year currently and I find Graphic
designing interesting then other majors. Since a young age, I was weak
at subjects like Mathematics/Science and
was always more of a creative person that liked to do things out the
box. When i found out about Graphic Designing, i was very happy to hear about it.

I feel like growing up as an Asian is a different experience as there
is a lot of academic pressure from our family. Our parents want us to be
Doctors, Engineers, Scientists etc. so we have been raised by being expected
to study a field that our parents are familiar about . I was always
limited to science/math and was lost trying to be good at something
i din’t enjoy. No one in my family really did Graphic designing so
they weren’t very familiar about it. When I graduated from highschool,
I wanted to break the chain and wanted to do something different that i
actually enjoyed doing, being creative, So that’s why i chose Graphic designing.

With that being said, My goal is to be a successful Graphic designer
at a young age. I want to learn more about motion designing and animation
then try to make a living out of it. The future of this major is
really good as we live in a time where technology is taking the world by
storm so i hope to make the best out of this.