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After spending four years in the entertainment technology department and juggling between tracks i’ve decided to direct a short film made in the style of a mockumentary for my culmination. Video Editing is my main focus and lighting design my second, however I’ve found myself quite interested in project and stage management so my role in the production will be directing. Directing the film allows me to combine different aspects of those disciplines into one project. I will be in charge of macro managing my crew, scheduling the workflow, and having the final say on most creative decisions. My crew will consist of Anthony Cowan-Wilson(Camera Operator), Marissa Guerra (Gaffer), Dominique Hunter, (Post Production), Bin Rinekso (Sound FX), and Sonia Colon (not a city tech student) for props.

I anticipate the length of the film to be 15 minutes. It’s about a young filmmaker, Amir, who moves to an apartment in Brooklyn because his uncle VJ, the superintendent of the building claims the apartment is haunted and no one wants to live there. Amir moves in to see what the deal is and film/document his experience. He hires Ramona,  a whacko psychic/spiritual medium to help him get rid of the ghost but she ends up summoning the ghost instead. So now Amir is stuck with the ghost, Esteban and ends up bonding with him and staying in New York with his deceased roommate to pursue his film career. It will generally be satirical and inspired by tv shows “The  Office” and “A Haunting”