To achieve this goal I will be working with a small team to produce the film. My main objective is to direct the film. I have a lighting designer, properties master, sound designer and video editor. I will be shooting mainly in one indoor location using a DSLR and handheld camera, lavalier mics, and a 3 point lighting kit. During post production the film will be edited with Avid and possibly Adobe After Effects.

Since I’ve never been involved in a film production from start to end so some challenges I expect to face during this process are mainly with time and equipment. I’m not very well versed in camera equipment but I want to be so i’m making this my opportunity to learn more about filming rather than editing which is something I feel more comfortable in. In the future working in post-production is my short term goal but directing/producing are my long term goals so this project is something I can use to get my feet wet in that field.