Taking a Vacation

Learning how to create the total cost of a vacation, while converting it into python coding, in a website called Code Academy!


“Taking A Vacation” – Procedures


#1 “Before We Begin”


#2 “Planning Your Trip”


#3 “Getting There”


#4 “Transportation”


#5 “Pull it Together”


#6 “Hey, You Never Know!”


#7 “Plan Your Trip!”

My overall experience with this concept “Taking A Vacation”, was that there were some difficult coding. For instance in number 4 “Transportation”, I personally had a hard time figuring out what was wrong on my coding. I felt as if I had done everything correctly, but then again, when I looked back for help, it seemed that I made a slight mistake. “+=” was suppose to be “-=”, which was considered a big difference. One thing I have to say that I have learned from this is that when it comes to coding, you have to be very precise on everything you’re typing. Always double check and look over each step you make, because even your smallest mistake could become the wrong answer!