Date and Time

Objective:┬áIn this assignment, we logged into our Code Academy accounts to complete “Date and Time”. This lesson allowed us to apply what we just recently learned, which is Strings.

Strings: is a sequence of characters.

Brackets Operators: is to call out characters one at a time.

Index numbers: starts at the number┬ázero and then counts its ways up. For instance, the word “banana” has an overall index number of 6 (as in six letters), but when it comes to coding, the first letter “b” would be counted as 0 (zero) and then the other letter, such as anana would be [1,2,3,4,5].


#1 The datetime Library


#2 Getting the Current Date and Time


#3 Extracting Information


#4 Hot Date


#5 Pretty Time


#6 Grand Finale

Overall Experience:┬áWhen completing this assignment, it wasn’t too bad. I actually got the hang┬áof things. It was like substituting┬ácertain words or numbers, to spell out a whole sentence or even tell time with just a simple commands directing what goes where. Basically┬ájust replacing them and creating strings.