I like Alex Ross’ art because I am a big fan of Marvel and the art that he does for the company as well as non-Marvel. His art looks very realistic compared to art done by other comic artists. Far from the simpler, cartoony art from decades ago, he still pays tribute to those artists with their original character designs present in his work. 

I like Banksy’s art because not only does it look good but it has serious meaning to it. The art that I’ve seen is very profound, addresses real issues that people face which gives it that touch with reality. I also admire Banksy’s intentions and drive for making their art in a world where people price and collect it. 

I really like Pawel Kuczynski’s art because of it’s meaningful nature and powerful messages that are displayed in my mind upon seeing the art. It’s very thought-evoking and that makes me enjoy staring at it even more.