Staccato/Legato Pattern Mashup



It looks like a lot but I love it so much and I’m proud of it!! The blocky looking parts remind me of an 8bit song from an old video game for the sega genesis or something. The arrows remind me of a game too now looking at it. The squiggles were just cute to me so I added those in there.

2 thoughts on “Staccato/Legato Pattern Mashup

  1. Your work is very nice Amina, and I would love it if you would share it more often and not be so shy. I’ve seen your recent work in person, but I would like to see them on your site as well so I can comment and maybe help you out with things you are having trouble with. Remember that you are now my ‘comment partner’ so we both have to push each other to post our work on our sites. Thanks. Great job and Good Luck!

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