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Anthony F. Robertson, RN

Greetings, everyone! My name is Anthony Robertson. I am a registered nurse currently working in the state of New York, where I’ve been actively practicing nursing since 2001. I have had the delighted and invaluable experience in my 11 years of practice to work in a variety of health care settings ranging from Geriatrics, Telemetry, Progressive Care, and more recently, Surgical Trauma Intensive Care, in a Magnet Award recognized Level I Trauma health care facility. While I’m not a complete stranger to the profession of nursing, the ever-evolving model of health care coupled with the bright future of nursing makes me realize every day that despite my years of experience in nursing, there is plenty of opportunity to grow in the field, and I’ve only just begun my journey as a professional.

My relationship with nursing started in the summer of 1997, when I served as a volunteer in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. I remember being 16 years old, and being so impressed with the professionalism and knowledge base that the nurses on that unit displayed, which made me envision being a RN for a living. Soon thereafter, I enrolled in college majoring in nursing, and by the age of 20, my vision materialized, as I passed my NCLEX examination. During my first few years as a nurse, I was initially skeptical about the need for continuing education and professional development; I felt that even with an Associate’s Degree, I was able to make an impact on the health of the public at the bedside. Admittedly, that way of thinking hindered me from going back to school initially. After reflecting and seeing the ways in which health care was evolving with emphasis being placed on primary care prevention, case management, and evidence-based practice, I realized that further education was needed on my behalf in order to possess the tools to be able to meet the health needs of the population. That awakened a fire in me, so to speak, to pursue my BSN, and to keep continuing education and professional development as a priority for the future.