Notes for team 4 presentation

Jay street health club (Team 4)

Fa├žade and Elevation/Materials

  • Must try to solve problems with the fire rated stairwell
  • Create a wall of water that may be able to prevent the building from burning
  • Do a precedant study to show what’s been done before in order to fix the building’s issues
  • The Fa├žade should be rated: Have more open stairs

Mechanical Review

  • Does have a mechanical review drawings
  • Needs to fix how air flow will travel throughout the building
  • Fix pool floor/add a mechanical room there
  • The mechanical room needs to be 25% footprint/ but can do this by adding an extra floor to fit.
  • Figure out how the building will retrieve fresh air
  • Figure out where the shaft is in the building.

Structural Review

  • Write a program for room space and occupancy for every floor.