Roxul: is a rock based mineral fiber insulation comprised of basalt rock and recycled slag. (A.H)


Sill Gasket: A flexible polyethylene foam strip that helps reduce air infiltration between both the sill plate and concrete foundation. (A.H)


Cant Strips: is a three piece sided wood, which is used for smooth transitions between the roof deck surface and parapet wall. (A.H)


Backer Rod: is a closed or rounded opening foam rod used to fill joints or cracks between building materials. (A.H)


Threaded Rod:  is a type of metal fastener that has threads cut into both ends. (A.H)


Pile Cap:  reinforced concrete connecting beam cast around the head of a group of piles, supporting the imposed load. (A.H)


Sill Plate: is a board laid horizontally over the foundation of a building. (A.H)


Vapor Barrier: a layer of material used to protect insulation from the absorption of moisture. (A.H)


Cladding: a layer of material over the external finish of a building, to control the infiltration of a building. (A.H)

Batt Insulation: is a material such as fiberglass or expanded shale, that has been fashioned into a flexible, blanket-like form, often with a vapor barrier on one side, which is used to insulate buildings. (A.H)


Fuse: is an electrical safety device that removes electrical current from an electrical circuit when the current in the electrical circuit is too high. (A.H)images

Test Pit: pit made to examine the subsurface conditions on a potential construction site. (A.H)

Bedrock: is a solid rock beneath surface materials such as soil and gravel. (A.H)

Thermal Break: is a component of low thermal conductivity placed in an assembly to reduce or avoid the flow of thermal energy among conductive materials. (A.H)download

Angle of Repose: is the steepest angle of descent in relation to the horizontal plane to which a material can be piled without collapsing. (A.H)

Drainage Tile: is a type of drainage system that is perforated to allow water to be removed from soil below the surface. (A.H)

Weep Hole: is a small opening in the brick or stone mortar joint that is designed to allow water from behind the wall’s veneer. (A.H)

Node: is a decision space or area at a location. (A.H)

Grandfathered Law: is a law or policy in a zoning ordinance that grants an old rule continues to apply to some existing situations. (A.H)

FAR ‚ÄúFloor Area Ratio‚ÄĚ: is the ratio between the total amount of usable floor area that a building has. (A.H)


Smoke Curtain: is a method used in an event of a fire, for diverting smoke away from a desired location or protecting a location from direct smoke infiltration. (A.H)



Psychrometric Chart : A psychrometric chart is chart which illustrates a graphical model of the process in which air conditioning goes through. (A.H)download

Curtain Wall: A curtain wall is a non-structural light weight exterior component of a building, which hangs from the structure but not supporting the roof of the site. (A.H)


Egress : Egress is a location in a building used to exist safely in case of an emergency.(A.H)


Legislate: To make or enact laws

Triangulation: The use of triangle shapes in a structure to give it more stability and strength.

Passive House: A completely sealed off house, no air comes in or out.

butt glazing – The installation of glass products where the vertical glass edges are without structural supporting mullions. [LGT]butt glazing