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Screenshots from Tuesday…..

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Screenshots and workshop tonight on topography









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HW for Tuesday and Screenshots

Post to Miro images of your hybrid model transformed into Rhino.

Enjoy – be creative, have fun, think about everything you know about the site and your concept ideas.

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Screenshots – Tuesday 9/28

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FAB Lab + Tutorial Schedules

We would like to introduce this semester our Special Topic Workshops (one to three sessions) and also our Student Resources Website, in which students can find tutorials, videos, and workshop recordings for the semester. As always we have available our Workshop Series (attached PDF) as well as the One:One Help (no appointment necessary). Also, we have available One:One IT Help from our IT department for any questions that you might have.
We are also Reopening the FabLab this semester.All the information could be found at If you wish for your students to fabricate models, fill out the survey. The reopening plan is based on demand at the moment. We strongly recommend students to attends the Fabrication Workshop, which will be given 3 times this semester. You can find the link under special project workshops.
Follow us on Instagram for the most updated information @nycctfab
If you have questions, send us an email at
Looking forward to a fantastic hybrid semester!
Fall 2021 Workshops Series
> AutoCAD Workshop < Albert Vargas
Wednesdays 7PM – 8PM
> Revit Workshop < JeanPierre Gomez
Mondays & Wednesdays 5PM Р6PM
> Intro to Rhino+Adobe Workshop < Joshua Garcia
Thursdays 12PM – 2PM
> Intermediate Rhino Workshop < Joel Cardenas
> Intermediate Adobe Workshop < Laurin Moseley
> Advanced Rhino+Render Workshop < Hito Rodriguez
> ArcGIS Workshop < Freddy Ruiz
> Organic 3D Modeling: Grasshopper Workshop < Yevgeniy Koramblyum
Fridays 11AM – 1PM
Fall 2021 Special Topic Workshops
SEPT 21 & 28 > Embodied Carbon Workshop < Victoria Ereskina

Tuesdays 6:30PM Р6:30PM

SEPT 21, OCT 19 & NOV 23 > Digital Fabrication Workshop: Prep Files < Joshua Garcia
Tuesdays 1PM – 2PM
SEPT 28 & NOV 2 > Zoom Workshop: Basics < Laurin Moseley
Tuesdays 3PM – 4PM
OCT 12 & OCT 19 > Revit: Parametric Paneling Workshop < JeanPierre Gomez

OCT 28, NOV 4 & NOV 11 > 3DSMax Workshop < Albert Vargas
Thursdays 5PM Р6PM
NOV 13 & NOV 20 > After Effects Workshop < Joel Cardenas
Saturdays 2PM Р3PM
NOV 16, NOV 23 & NOV 30 > Portfolio Workshop < Laurin Moseley
Tuesdays 6PM – 7PM
TBA > Advanced BIM Workshop: Curtain Wall & Thermal Analysis < Nicholas Soniprasad
TBA > Building Performance Workshop < Uroosa Ijaz
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Screenshots from Thursday September 23rd









Homework for Tuesday September 28th

Create a hybrid model based on the two best models and overlay them on the site based on your site strategy diagram. It should be to scale – if you use a piece of paper the site is 400’x800′ roughly or 4″ x 8″ if 1″= 100′



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Homework for Thursday 9/23rd

Finish your Site Strategy Diagram – show at least 5-10 important elements that will help make your design decisions.

Collect recycled materials, scissors/exacto blade/ tape/glue… and random materials to make quick study models during class. Be ready – these models are timed and no working on them out of class….

Finish as a group the chart of the best of…. beginning with this on Thursday.


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Access to Campus Pass

Please also let vaccinated students know that CUNY is migrating from the VaxPass to the Cleared4 system. Students (and you) should be on the look-out for a personal link from: , Subject: Cleared for CUNY Access. PLEASE ward your students not to delete this email. As of September 27, it will not be possible to use the VaxPass to come to campus.

Instructions on how to use can be found at:

This is a web-based system. Information can be entered using your phone, iPad, laptop or desktop. For future use, It is probably a good idea to save the link somewhere besides the email you receive. Texting the link to yourself or saving in Notes are two options.

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Tuesday September 14th

HW for Tuesday 9/21 – complete Urban Park precedent Study, Housing Precedent study with all diagrams and list the positives and negatives of the analysis, Site bubble diagram – all three of these are on the Miro Board under your name.

Office hours are Wednesdays 12-2pm.

Meeting ID: 812 467 8561
Passcode: Meeting

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