Mid Term Notes + Screenshots

Kaitlen- continue with concept on façade – need to break down large massing


Steven C- Cont with concept into landscape “greek village” maybe a lot of smaller pieces equal the whole – many entrances instead of a lobby with main cores.


Megi- Concept of block is very strong – look to use this at a smaller scale, work on roofs and creating openings in the larger mass to access across site.


George- work on the development of your bridge across Atlantic Avenue – integrate it into your project. Articulate the segments into 1,2,3 bedroom units/segments look to connect façade development with site, segments, cont with landscape/path design


Jonathan- intertwine the curve through the serpentine – solid / void materials – spaces, access through/under. Residential above commercial/community – glass façade vs. punch openings


Miriam- building on Atlantic needs adjusting – to allow FX bldg. space and views. Needs identity – open up the corner at Columbia/Congress


Amira- Needs help with graphics. Amphitheater should be carved into the sites natural slope – need paths that create the edge of the amphitheater – cannot pass through – disruptive. Need commercial/community space on Atlantic. This can allow for a gateway to the BQP connection bridge over Atlantic.


Steven A – Need a height study – looking at solar, and views. Very short and similar heights – need more variation and taller. Begin to look at secondary pathways throughout your site to access buildings, move across the site to activities…


Nazar – need to work on topo and pathway- BQP, The branchlike deadend are strange and do not lead to anything. Watch heights. The bldgs. Near Atlantic are too big/tall. What happens under your bridge – this can be resolved with landscape


Mario – need to develop more the site, bridge, understand the long 70’ wide pieces need windows in between – where are the views from the site? Are you addressing them? How do people pass through the site, how is the topo? How do we access the bldgs.? So much unresolved…..


Marlenny- Need to concentrate on the topo and path. Look at the path as a branch connecting your leaves with smaller “twigs/branches” look at the negative space. Need more housing.

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