Course Schedule

Course Schedule 

ARCH 3612 Design VI Housing Studio                                                                                                                                     Prof. Jill Bouratoglou


An advanced design studio examining the significance of public housing. Students research, evaluate, analyze and investigate multi-family housing and urban redevelopment, and propose an exploratory approach to the planning and delivery of housing. The final project consists of designing high density mixed-use housing and public space with community amenities.


The semester is a total of 15 weeks.  There will be a substantial amount of work done in class and due at the end of the class meeting. There will also be homework assigned for the next meeting. Larger assignments will be assigned over the weekend. All work must be posted to MIRO for reviews and grading. All online meetings will be done via zoom and hopefully you will have your cameras on for better interaction.

Important dates:

  • Class 18: Tuesday April 5th-           Mid-semester review
  • Class 29: Thursday May 19th –         Final Presentation
  • Class 30: Tuesday May 24th –           Wrap Up and Final Collection


The class will be divided into teams who will remain together throughout the semester.  Each team will define the rules of their special zoning districts, will research site inventory and analysis and will define site strategies.  Working with the guidelines defined by your team, each individual will develop their own Urban Design and Housing Solution.

  • 2/1 Tuesday     Introduction to Course Content and Team Building
    • Activity 1a        About Me Boards – Each student to compose two graphic boards one which expresses their personal interests and one to express their architectural interests.  Use in class review to determine teams.
    • Activity 1b        About My Team Boards – Each team to compose one graphic boards which includes a photograph and the name of each member.  For each team member list the strengths they add to the team and identify at least 1 goal the member would like to accomplish this semester.  Write a 2-3 sentence summary that expresses who your team is.
    • Posting             All final boards, individual, team and class are to be posted on MIRO.

Activity 2          Introduction to Site: Visit – Inventory & Analysis – (Team)  Consider Circulation (Pedestrian/Vehicular /Private/Public), Views (to the site/ from the site),                                 Environment (Noise, Odor, Vegetation, Winds, Sun), Land Use &  Zoning,                         Demographics, Cultural, Educational, Service Facilities, etc.  Divide the work up                           and put together a cohesive presentation.  Introduction of 3D site model.

  • 2/3 Thursday       SITE VISIT 

Homework:         Assignment: Due- Class 3 Preliminary Inventory and Analysis.

  • 2/10 Thursday  Site Analysis, Special Zoning District & Massing Studies
    • Activity 1          Continued Development– Inventory & Analysis
    • Activity 3          Zoning Massing Study – Develop basic zoning diagrams for your site. What is the zoning envelope – 3D and in two sections.

         Homework:      Assignment: Due- development of site analysis and proposed zoning envelope

  • 2/15 Tuesday   Site Analysis, Creating a Zoning Envelope and Site Strategy Diagram Studies
    • Activity 1          Continued Development– Inventory & Analysis
    • Activity 2          Review of Land Use
    • Activity 3          Zoning Massing Study – Review of Zoning Envelope Diagram and Sections
    • Activity 4          Final slide should be a team Site Strategy Diagram showing the findings and how your site will be impacted and how to best proceed with design.

Homework:         Assignment: Due- Class 4 Final Site Inventory and Analysis Presentation.

  • 2/17 Thursday Site Analysis & Inventory Presentation
    • Activity 1          Presentations of Site Analysis and Inventory, Zoning + Site Strategy Diagram
    • Activity 2          Precedent Studies: Urban Parks  + Housing Precedents – Assign

Homework:         Assignment: Due- Class 5 at 11am Urban Parks + Housing Precedent Studies

  • 2/22 Tuesday   Precedent Studies
    • Activity 1          Team work on Precent Boards
    • Activity 2          Presentation of Precedent Studies: 

            Homework: Assignment : Individual Site Bubble Diagram

  • 2/24 Thursday  Concept
    • Activity 1          Individual Concept Collages -2 8:30-9:30am
    • Activity 2          Individual Concept models- 3 models for each collage = 6 models 9:30-11am
    • Activity 3          Post to Miro by 11am REVIEW 11-12:15pm

Homework:         Assignment: Due Class 7 – Create a Hybrid Model on Site Bubble Diagram

  • 3/1 Tuesday     Review Hybrid Models
  • Activity 1        Presentations 8:30 of hybrid models on site (physical models)

Homework:        Assignment: Due Class 8 – Finalize Hybrid Model on Site to Scale within Zoning Envelope

  • 3/3 Thursday    Parti Development
    • Activity 1          Presentation and critique of final hybrid model on site and revisions

Homework: Assignment  – Final Site Concept Model – plans and site sections+ Site Plan Concept

  • Day 10.          3/8 Tuesday     Site Concept                                                     
    •           Formulation of site strategies and design principles (parti ideas). Development of site concept based on parti emphasizing public/private, open and closed spaces, circulation, views, et al.

Homework: Assignment  Continued- Site Concept Diagrams – plans and site sections

  •         3/10 Thursday                                                                    
    •           Individual Final Site Concept Presentations
  • 3/15 Tuesday   Amenities & Bubble Diagrams
    • Activity 1          Review of Typologies of Housing – Precedent Studies.  Begin programming and research into space planning.  Complete the program to determine uses, locations and rough sizes of floor areas.  Understanding applicable building                                    code.
    • Activity 2          Matrix and Bubble Diagram Presentation 
    • Activity 3          Guest Lecture Affordable Housing

Homework:  Assignment: list Program spaces, Develop Matrix and Bubble Diagram

  • 3/17 Thursday  Programming 
    • Activity 1          Discussion and review of amenities, lobby, common spaces, programming                                  matrixes, bubble diagrams.

Homework: Assignment: – Matrix and Bubble Diagram

  • 3/22 Tuesday   Residential Units                                                          
    • Activity 1          Introduction to Individual Residential Units. Interior planning design concepts and requirements. Discussion of furniture layout, space planning, unit layouts, light and air requirements. Discussion of housing, communal living, community…

Homework: Assignment: Homework: Typical unit layout, Studio, 1,2,3 bedrooms in double loaded corridor (Template Board) also duplex and modules to promote community living

  • 3/24 Thursday  Building Codes                                                  
    • Activity 1          Group review of typical unit layouts
    • Activity 2          Building codes, fire stairs, travel distances, core development.  Desk crits.

Homework: Assignment: Development of typical floor plan with core & fire stairs + Fire Egress Diagram with dimension of travel distance +Light/Air Calcs (Template Board)

  • 3/29 Tuesday   Design Development                                                    
    • Activity 1          Individual Review of typical floor plan layouts
    • Activity 2          Development of project massing, core, site, units.

Homework: Assignment: Final typical Floor plans with egress + Blow-ups with Light +Air Calcs 

  • 3/31 Thursday  Massing Development                                                              
    • Activity 1          Individual review of typical floor plan layouts
    • Activity 2          Continued development of project massing, core, site, units.

Homework: Assignment: Mid-semester Presentation + Site Plan with images of exterior amenities

  • 4/5 Tuesday     Mid-semester Presentation                                                       
    • Activity 1          Midsemester presentation with professors and guest jurors

Homework: Assignment: Rework typical plans, site layout and development of amenities

  • 4/12 Tuesday   Project Development                                                    
    • Activity 1          Further development of project massing, core, site and units.  Development of Plans, Sections, Massing of Unit, typical floor layouts and connections to site.
    • Activity 2          Continued development of project on site.- FAR
  • 4/7 Thursday    Ground floor plan – lobby and relationship to site
    • Activity 1          Individual review of Site Plan with images of exterior amenities
    • Further development of project massing, core, site and Lobby.  Development of lobby and connection to site- entrances, parking, service, mail, deliveries….

Homework: Assignment: Site Development and Lobby plan, site layout and development of amenities

  • 4/14 Thursday  Ground floor plan – lobby and relationship to site Cont.

Homework: Assignment: Final Site Development and Lobby plan, development of amenities. Selection of your 3D views.

April 19 Spring Recess 

April 21 Spring Recess 

  • 4/26 Tuesday   Project Development
    • Activity 1          Further development of Plans, Building Sections, Exterior Elevations and 3D Models – development of typical floor plans.

Homework: Assignment: short site sections and 1 long site section

Exterior Façade – Landscaping and Site Amenities                                                                                                                                                      

  • 4/28 Thursday  Exterior Elevations
    • Activity 1          Review of site sections.  Development of exterior elevations and discussion of materials. 

Homework: Assignment: Exterior Elevations with images of materials

  • 5/3 Tuesday     Exterior Elevations & Site Development                         
    • Activity 1          Review of site sections.  Development of exterior elevations and discussion of materials. Development of site plan and site amenities.

Homework: Assignment: Site Development with images of materials

  • 5/5 Thursday    Presentation Methodologies                                         
    • Activity 1          Review of exterior elevations and image selections. Discussion of final presentation methodologies.  Development of thumbnail story board.

Homework: Assignment: Thumbnail diagrams for final presentation.

  • 5/10 Tuesday   Desk Crits and Presentation Review
  • 5/12 Thursday  Desk Crits and Presentation Review
  • 5/17 Tuesday   Desk Crits and Presentation Review
  • 5/19 Thursday  Final Presentation 
  • 5/24 Tuesday   Collection of Work/Final Submission and Recap
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