Assignment: Hybrid Concept Model Homework

Assignment- Hybrid Model

Hybrid Massing and Concept Development within the Site: Hybrid massing is the culmination of the strongest ideas from your collages and concept models that are reinforced and developed into one hybrid model and design concepts. From you feedback and realization of the strengths of the study models, a final hybrid model will be developed that relates to your site. It should be made to scale to fit to the site. (you can select the scale)

Determine the strengths of the study models and reinvent the final hybrid model that fits onto your site . You can draw the boundaries of the site (label the streets and show the BQP path) and place your hybrid on the site. It can multiple buildings and bridge areas.

HW: Hybrid Concept Development Assignment:Hybrid model that fits the proportion and limits of your site – photograph and post onto our blog.

Large image is the top view showing the hybrid model in the site- along with the images below. The 3 images on the right are the ones that this student combined into the hybrid.