ASSIGNMENT 1 – Site Documentation…then Analysis


Department of Architectural Technology 


ASSIGNMENT: Site Documentation….then Analysis 

Intent Site Analysis is an essential process for responsive architectural design at both the urban and building scales

Site Documentation: To develop drawings documenting existing conditions that serve as a basis for contextual analysis and architectural design work

Site Analysis: To develop a clear understanding of contextual forces in society and within the built environment that inform architectural and urban design strategies.


Students will analyze social patterns, behaviors, flows, and narratives specific to the sites.  Initially, students will graphically document site-specific characteristics.


The studio will work in four groups.  Each group will collectively generate the following documentation:

  • SITE: Location- The site should be related to major streets or landmarks previously existing. Aerial photographs help in this assessment stage. There should be documentation of distances and time from major places.
  • SITE: Generalities- Includes, figure ground, neighborhood context, green space, places of interaction, accessibility, schools, places of worship, community centers, etc.
  • SITE: Legal Elements Includes zoning classifications, FAR, set-backs, height restrictions, allowable site coverage, uses, and parking requirements etc
  • SITE: CommerceIncludes hotels, restaurants, lounges, cafes, bars, and their catchment areas etc.
  • SITE: Circulation/Pathways Includes Residential to Commercial, Residential to Residential, Subways to Residential & Commercial, Schools to Commercial, etc.
  • SITE: Urban Walls Includes façade patterning, hierarchies, solid/void, rhythm, repetition, etc.
  • SITE: Climate and Natural Light Includes natural light intensity, natural light density, analysis over time/space, etc. Noise/sound
  • SITE: History includes neighborhood history


Sanborn Maps

Google Earth

USGS surveys

U.S. Census

You will be responsible for choosing your sites and building typology.

Sites are located along the The Brooklyn Strand – we are looking at the connection between  Borrough Hall through Cadman Plaza to the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Strand can be viewed here

We are open to any of the sites within in or adjacent to the Strand. You will be responsible for promoting the ideas that have been established in this report. The main concept is to create a strong connection for pedestrians and encourage public spaces.

The five building typologies that you will be choosing from are:

library, education center, performance art center, community center, dormitory/hostel

These are vague and can be combined with other typologies and can have a specific type – i.e. classical music performance center, art school with live work spaces….










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