ASSIGNMENT 11 – Programmatic Study & Development


ASSIGNMENT 11: Programmatic Study & Development

PART 1: Programmatic Study & Development

Based on your existing programing studies (Program Matrix, Size of Spaces, Bubble Diagram, etc) and your concept massing study create the following:

1. Diagrammatic Plans, which show location of spaces, adjacencies and relationship between them.

2. Diagrammatic Sections, which show scale and height of spaces; proximity and adjacencies and any other relationships between them.

Diagrammatic plans and sections may be drawings or sketches. They must show correct size relationships and scale to human proportions as well as the other spaces in your program.

PART 2: Site Layout & Circulation.
Given the orientation and placement of your massing in your particular site create a site layout that includes the following

1. The location of your massing in the site, as well as within the neighborhood context.

2. All types of circulation to, from and within your site (including sidewalks, city & private streets; as well as maritime routes). You must include pedestrian and vehicular circulation, and shuttles if you have any.


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