Building a Modern City (Blog #2)

New York was developing quickly. Constitutional rights were finally being recognized. Constitutional change had expanded the number of potential electors. New York was destined to become the future London of America. Large  number of immigrants immediately fled to New York, who’s voting potential was tapped. America was rapidly growing, businesses bloomed rapidly. All of this later prepped the wait for the Erie Canal.

Early New York developments have influenced our surroundings today. Major advancements as, the Erie Canal (1825) have left impacts. In 1825 the opening of the Erie Canal had given New York a new technological way and allowed access to the west. The completion of the Erie Canal guaranteed New York City’s future prosperity. Steam locomotive engines then invented shipping and railroads. Railways and transportation helped to move people, goods, and raw materials.

Property qualifications were dropped, and immigrants poured in by the tens of thousands. It was the greatest transfer of population the world had ever experienced. The first tenements were built, housing immigrants for low rate. Diseases were spread amongst non born natives, killing most of them quickly. Trying to improve the conditions New York lated constructed the adequate and clean water supply, for both disease control and fire protection.

New York had become the greatest city in the nations. Phenomenal growth, economic strength, cultural maturity, technological changes, crime, disease, poverty and development were factors.  New York was coexist and was still changing. All these problems faced, later led to New York today.

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