Project 2a Due April 10th 8:30am

Project requirements

Floor plan showing Site – the site should include: Ramps. decking, patio, plantings, seating, outdoor furniture, north arrow, street labeled.  Floor plan should have doors, windows, furniture drawn.

Roof Plan showing Site- Same as above.

Floor plan showing Site with a diagram of the path of the visitor to the Solar Decathlon. The entry from the street, the movement through the house and back out to the street – making sure that they see every part of the house/site.

**There are 3 plans that are very similar.  You should each of these and use your same site in all of them.  Each board will be used for something different.

Building sections – 2 with human figures, furniture, rendered

Page(s) with materials, innovative ideas, furniture that you are using – images.

3d model view of the building in the site.


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