Grading for Project 2

grading-sheet-for-Project-2 Fall-2015

Grading for Project 2     Name: Mark Points
Board 1:   Logo development board with conceptual models 5
Board 2:     Site Analysis 5
Board 3:     Precedent Studies 5
Board 4-6:     Floor Plans (1 plan per 1 board) showing paving, furniture 20
Rendered Floor plan
Furniture in plan
Images of all furniture
Flooring material images
Does layout work?
Things to fix:
Board 7:   Elevations showing exterior materials, lighting, people and landscaping
two Elevations? 10
Exterior Building Material:  Siding. Windows, Lighting, Fencing, Decking
People and Trees?
Show sidewalk/ground line
Board 8:     Sections (2 min.) showing furniture, people
two sections? Long and short sections 10
Rendered with wall materials and furniture
People/Scale figures
Show below grade
Show sidewalk/ground line
Board 9:¬† ¬†Reflected Ceiling Plans (may need more than 1 board) showing light fixture cuts ‚Äď 10
Reflected Ceiling plan showing light fixture symbols
legend showing symbols and which image they represent
images of all lights used
Board 10:   Enlarged Bathroom Layout showing plan, elevations, materials and fixtures
two Elevations? 10
Interior Materials Images:¬† Cabinets, countertops,fixtures, wall tile, accessories…
Blow-up floor plan
People/Scale figures
Plan and Elevations are at same scale?
Board 11:   Images of Project:  Computer generated/sketches 10
This can be more than one sheet
Desgin Concept throughout project 15
Presentation / Layout