2.5 Commercial Assignment

After reviewing and discussing your models in class, continue with this assignment for Thursday

For this Assignment you will outline your program for you store at its specific site, and produce a diagrammatic layout. Your board should include the following:

 Program list/chart (program)

Diagram(s) showing how your program is arranged to create your store (layout) Program Create a program specific to your store and store concept

Use your site analysis to inform your program

Show a list of spaces and their proposed square foot areas

You can produce additional diagrams/drawings as necessary to create/develop/explain your program


Your layout diagram should clearly show your proposed program spaces on the site

Try to evoke your brand and concept both through your arrangement of program (content) and how your work appears visually on the page (representation)

Make sure your store name and logo are somewhere on your board


Work with the concept models and start to develop an architectural massing that speaks to your program

Interact with the surrounding buildings, open space, movement

Start to think about solid and void and above and below

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