Solar Decathlon

What is the Solar Decathlon?

Citytech’s Proposal is based on DURA

Diverse Urban Resilient Adaptable

This project should be designed for various family types, with one or two bedrooms(convertible spaces), should be able to address issues of Sandy and resiliency.

Site in the Solar Village in Irvine, CA: 78’ east to west X 60’ north to south

Solar Envelope:  18’ height of solar envelope (must not penetrate this envelope)

Units must be able to be stacked – this is the Urban nature of our proposal.

Foundation:  Low Impact footings shall be used to support all house and site components.

Electric Car: powered to drive 25 miles within 120 minutes

Must be ADA compliant.

Finished Square Footage: defined by ANSI Z765-2003 shall be at least 600sf, but not exceed 1000sf.

Entrance and Exits:  Entrance may be placed on any side of the house, however an accessible route leading from the main street of the solar village to the main house entrance shall be provided as part of the competition prototype. The house exit route shall be accessible to the public and lead from the main house exit to one of the publically accessible streets of the solar village adjacent to the solar envelope.

Potted Vegetation is permitted, but must remain stationary.  Grey water may not be used for watering.

Solar Panels:  must be placed vertically

Water Supply:  Primary supply water and greywater containers shall be located outside of the finished sf and not beneath.

Rainwater may be used for irrigation, water feature, heat sink or heat source.

A dinner party for 10 must be accommodated

Host a movie night for 8 people

Architecture Requirements:


Integration of Structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, landscaping

Scale, proportion, indoor/outdoor connection, composition

Integration of natural and artificial lighting

Quality of design and materials

Comfort of occupants and compatible with the surrounding environment


Refrigerator: 6cubic feet

Freezer: 2 cubic feet

Washing machine: wash 6 towels

Dryer: dry 6 towels


Cooking: vaporize 5lbs (80oz) water

Min. 27” tv

15” monitor and computer

modular and stackableUntitled-1circulation path 1circulation path 2


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