Due for Tuesday December 8th

The animations are posted

Work on the following:

Post updates in MIRO – I created a line under which the new work should be added.


  • Complete your research – add slides as necessary to your presentation – you should now re-organize your slides for the final presentation.  You  only need one opaque material and one glass curtain wall.  Compose these into a slideshow as a single PDF and post it in MIRO.

3D Revit model and Families:

  • Build all the families you need for the final presentation
  • Add these to your sheets and add anotation
  • Review the three samples in the MIRO board
  • Post your updated sheets in MIRO

Fixed slide animation:

  • This is what I demonstrated in class.  Begin to think about what you will show.  Practice your technique so you know how to do this.
  • The best way to work on this is to use Snagit from Techsmith – I suggest you download a 30 day trial to get you through the semester – I also recommend you purchase it as a student – the cost is discounted.  You will see how helpful it is after you test it out.  Follow this link – SNAGIT

Screen captures from today’s class:

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