Due for Thursday December 3rd – Prof. King

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Work on the following for Thursday

  • Post any new research into your MIRO board.
  • Be prepared to share your Revit file for review


  • Continue research for details that will help you to built your 3d models –
  • Go shopping – meaning that all of the components needed to build your wall system are not made by the same manufacturer.  Identify other manufacturers who make the various components  – for example Halfen for connections of curtain walls to concrete slabs.  Select a sheathing type and a form of waterproofing.

Research the following for your opaque system. : Add these choices to your slideshow and research.  You need to identify how they are installed – how are they fastened or held in place, etc.

  • a means of exterior sheathing. Pick a product and know its thickness and dimensions.
  • a means of exterior waterproofing.  This may be a separate product or it can be combined with the sheathing
  • a means of insulating your wall system.  Identify a product for both rigid insulation and for batt insulation.


  • Add sheathing and waterproofing system for your opaque system and add these two your 3d model.
  • Build your families.  Keep in mind that some of the family components will be combined into another family before being added to the Revit project file.
  • Select a format 30×60 horizontal or vertical if you have not already done so.
  • Continue to develop sheet layouts for details.
  • Remember that we are looking to primarily build these drawings using 3d generic family model components.

Screen Captures from Today

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