Due Thursday October 1 – Prof. King

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Steel Connections Assignment

    • Continue working your way through the tutorials
      • #4 Complete the footing and connections
      • #5 Add the fins and splice plates (holes/slots are 3/8″ radius)
      • #6 Diagonal Bracing & Cantilever beam
    • Layout additional detail sheets (minimum of 1)
      • Start with the footing showing the connection to the steel base plate
        • Create 4 view – Plan, Elevation, Section through the bolt, isometric
        • Scales are likely 1/2″ or 3/4″
        • Then make a call out – likely at scales of 1″ or 1  1/2″
      • Then consider other details to explain
        • Column to column splice connection
        • Beam to Column Connection
        • Diagonal Bracing Details
        • Cantilever Beam Details
    • Print and Post on MIRO
      • The first main sheet
      • Any detail sheets you create (a minimum of 2 sheets in total)

Steel Case Study Assignment

  • Review the existing Steel Case Study MIRO Board
  • Look for projects that interest you – all choices must have elevator cores and good choices are medium to small buildings 2-4 stories tall
  • Put your name on at least three that you would consider – we will use this to consider setting up research teams.
  • For each of your choices gather as much info as you can – be prepared to share this during next class.
  • Please review the assignment sheet for the case study building assignment

Today’s Screen Captures

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