17 thoughts on “Room Naming & Numbering System

  1. I like how each of you were able to give answers when you were asked a question, but it would’ve been helpful if you actually included all of this information so you didn’t have to explain the reasoning behind your system, it got confusing

  2. is the clockwise number of floor rooms the best method?
    i find it better to number the rooms in order of closer to entrance as you mentioned but then i would number the rooms depend on the distance between the rooms until i reach farthest point of the building.

    • I would not say specifically clockwise is the best solution. Clockwise worked for certain floor levels in our project. Other floor levels may vary based upon the architecture of that floor level. In your project I agree with considering the entrance to the floor level when organizing your room numbering or naming system. Also circulation should be parallel with the system. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  3. I think it would be a good idea to include room numbers and door numbers as well on your naming and numbering system.
    If you had two egress then how did you start numbering rooms. How did you decide a room to be numbered NO1

  4. I noticed that some inconsistency with naming as it may switch between full words and abbreviations, as well as some things starting with numbers first. Could it be kept consistent for easier comprehension?

  5. Good presentation. I would say to say speak a little louder. And my question is does the Stanford guidelines regulate different room classifications for a specific building use?

    • I agree that it was a bit confusing. We have come to a conclusion that room numbers will start at 101, 201, 301, etc. Also, if a number is for example 311, 222, or 111, then it just means that one has reached that room number which consists of similar numbers. Try to think of it in sequential room order rather than putting a room on top of the next room on the floor above. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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