Project 1.2

2D Views: Orthographic Drawings


Design skills:

Communicate 3D form and space through drawing 2D views

Practical skills:

Hard-lined drawing – correct use of drafting tools, accuracy in scale and size, communication of depth using line weight and line type.
Same outcomes are expected for both drawings generated in analog and digital format.


A. Orthographic Drawings and Multi-View Drawings

  • What are they?
  • How are they used?
  • Plan and elevation views
  • Drawing language
    • Line weights – depth
    • Line types – visible and hidden information
    • Dimensions – which views? Why? Avoiding redundancy
    • Text – size and position

B. Tools and Drafting Table

  • Setting up drafting board and workspace in Rhino
  • Drafting tools (compare and contrast analog vs. digital)

C. Vocabulary
Vocabulary is essential as you create, critique and iterate your work. You will learn to specifically communicate precise qualities about a single volume and the relationship between multiple volumes.

OrthogonalPlanConstruction lines
Orthographic projectionElevationDimension lines
Coordinated DrawingsSectionFull scale 1:1



  1. Choose your best composition
  2. Number and measure each block (mark the numbers on the blocks)
  3. For each block draw the following 4 types of drawings:
    • 3 coordinated views (top, front, side)
    • 1 Elevation oblique view; apply 2-tone shading
    • 1-point perspective; apply 2-tone shading
    • 2-point perspective; apply 2-tone shading


DUE: Wednesday 09/22

Upload to Miro:

  • MANUAL: (4) 11 x 17″ sheets of paper (one 11×17″ per drawing type; each 11×17″ to include all 3 blocks) (finish the work we started in class)
  • DIGITAL: (1) JPG (size ARCH C 18×24″) Rhino 2-D work to show 5 multi-view drawings for each one of the 3 blocks

Both manual and digital drawings should show the following:

  1. All views drawn at “full scale” 1:1 (you draw what you see)
  2. Use of line weights!
  3. Use of line types
  4. All views are aligned and evenly spaced out on page
  5. Dimensions
  6. Text and Title


For your best composition draw:

  • 5 coordinated views (top, back, front, right, left)
  • min. 1 axonometric (30/60); apply 2-tone shading


DUE: Wednesday 09/27

Upload to Miro:

  • MANUAL: (2) 11 x 17″ sheets of paper to include (1) multiview and (1) 30/60 axonometric of final composition – scan and upload to MIRO
  • DIGITAL: (2) JPG (size ARCH C 18×24″) Rhino 2-D work to show (1) multi-view drawing for the final composition + (1) 30/60 axon of final composition – upload to MIRO