Kalzip FC rainscreebn System and Curtain wall installation

Kalzip FC rainscreen system – Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

0:29- 1:40 manufacturing

2:22 overview of façade system

2:30- 2:51 installation sequence

  • Clips secured to wall,
  • β€œL” profile is attached to clips
  • Mullion Bar is attached to β€œL” profile
  • Retainer clips installed in mullion
  • siding is clipped in position

3:00- 5:30 Installation

  • L profile installation to adjustable bracket
  • Mullion bar clamped to L profile
  • Alignment of sub-framing
  • Mullion bar fastened to L profile
  • Trimming of panel ends
  • Panel installation

unitized curtain wall installation https://youtu.be/KYXpMkujo_8

0:36 Bracket Installation

0:57 Panel Installation

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