ENGL1101, MW 2-3:40 p.m.

Taught by Jacob Aplaca

Rough Draft of Unit 3 Artist’s Statement Due Wednesday, 11/29, for Peer Review

Please bring a complete rough draft of your Artist’s Statement to class on Wednesday, 11/29.

You may bring your draft to class either as a printed copy OR on a laptop/tablet. Do not bring your draft on your phone.

We will be completing a peer review activity on Wednesday in class. Remember that you receive points for participating in the peer review activity. If you do not show up, you do not get the points.

Note that we will be back in our regular classroom on Wednesday. See the following handout that we went over in class, which covers everything we will be doing in class during these final weeks of the semester: The Final Push: What You Need to Do Before the End of the Semester.

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