What’s my plan? Essentially it would be to open up my own bakery in the future. If all goes well, I might decide to open up other businesses. My goal is to be happy, wherever I end up. Whether it be owning my own business or just to work in a well known bakery, I would just like to be happy. I started working at a relatively young age, just to help out with bills in the house and also to have some change in my pocket so I wouldn’t have to keep asking my parents for money. A little over a year ago, I started working at Lassen and Hennigs, my first “real job,” and I say real job just because my first job I worked with my mother, and it didn’t really feel like work to me because I was always with someone I knew. At this new job, I have learned a lot and have advanced myself. I  get to do what I love and not drag at the thought of working with long hours. I have enjoyed my time at my workplace and love doing pastries that make our customers happy. IMG_2250    IMG_3477IMG_3882