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I started off my college life more differently than others. I mean, I was away from home, away from my mom and sister which I was always accustomed to, I was living alone, and learning to rediscover Brooklyn. I was eager and ready. I spent most of my time to myself and just doing my work hoping to pass and not to fail. I did this, and eventually in one of my classes, a professor was letting everyone know that the meeting for the Paris study/work program was coming up and handed interested students a paper. I was one of those students, I had heardIMG_0095 of the program when I toured the school but hadn’t heard anything since then. I attended the meeting and was shocked at how many people showed up, I mean there weren’t enough seats for everyone. I remember Professor Hoffman talking about past experiences and requirements and saying “look around the room, this is your competition.” I remember feeling overwhelmed and thinking that it would be hard to get into the program since only a few are selected. Luckily enough, I was one of the few that was chosen to go on the trip. When I got the email, my heart sank and I did not believe it. I shed tears of happiness, and of course the first person I called was my mother to tell her that my dream had come true. She was happy for me of course, because she knew that Paris had always been my dream place to go as I discovered my love for pastry.


As time creeped up on me, the day to depart NYC was here. I say goodbye to my mother and sister as they dropped me off at the airport and I remember feeling nervous and happy as the plane departed. 8 long hours later and I arrived. I met up with my group and we headed to the hotel. I remember getting into my room and having the feeling of surrealism.  The next few days were magical. I got to see Paris, the tourist spots, the local spots, eat amazing food, cook and bake in a school, go out an enjoy the scenery and the people and the amazing food…everything was just amazing. I som  can still not believe it and I am always grateful to have been chosen and I also feel lucky to be able to accomplish something that was on my list for so long. My experience I will cherish forever. IMG_0814IMG_0974IMG_0701