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Student computer lab V217 now open/ Petrie emergency funds for students in need

1.  Student Computer Lab: As finals and other deadlines approach, the V217 (Voorhees building) computer lab has been safely reopened for your students, on a limited basis, Monday–Thursday, from 1–6 pm. The computers are loaded with a wealth of software, and plotters, printers and scanners can also be used. Please encourage students in need of these resources to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Before being allowed onto campus students will need use the Everbridge App to get approval. Students should also reserve a computer ahead of time so Public Safety knows they are coming to campus for an authorized reason. The link to the booking system is: . The following link contains the list of software and equipment in V217: available for use.

2. Student Emergency Funds: There are significant funds in the Petrie Emergency Grant Program available for students coping with an unexpected financial hardship. Decisions are made on a case-by case basis until funds are exhausted. In most cases, the maximum award will be no more than $1,000. However, some exceptions may be made in the most extreme situations.       

If you’re aware of any students in need of additional financial support, you can help them by letting them know they can apply using the general emergency relief fund application:

Below is a partial list of eligible expenses and ineligible expenses:

Emergency Situations and Eligible Expenses

Threats of eviction

·         Homelessness

·         Home and living quarters from fire and extensive water damage

·         Assistance in paying for food, transportation and basic necessities due to unemployment

·         Overdue utility bills and shut-off notices

·         Medical and dental bills

·         Travel home for illness or death in immediate family, ie: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Child.

Ineligible Expenses

·         Cell phone bills

·         Credit card bills

·         Car payments or gasoline bills

·         Payment for rent or utilities not overdue

·         Full or partial tuition costs and/or related fees at City Tech

·         Previous debts to City Tech

·         Tobacco, alcohol or any entertainment expenses

·         Payment of fines or fees incurred from taxes, parking or traffic violations

·         Legal representation in a criminal processing  

V217 Computer Lab Now Open

The V217 computer lab will only be for currently enrolled students, who are having temporary computer or internet issues and need to submit their assignments, or for those needing a single or occasional lab session to finish a final project requiring a computer. It may also be used if your in-person and your distance education courses are scheduled close together and you do not have time to get to or from a safe location for distance education courses before or after your in-person class. Only students approved through the booking system will be allowed into the lab.  This lab is not for group work. If computer audio is needed please bring a headset, as we cannot loan out headsets due to COVID safety requirements. Also, we will not be able to provide any in-person technical support for your devices.  The following link contains the list of software and equipment in V217: The link to the booking system to reserve use of a computer follows.

CMCE VPN Login Tutorial

VPN instructions:

Below you will find a video tutorial for logging in to the Virtual Computer Lab via VPN. Students may find this helpful if you are using the VPN for software access.
Please note! If you are having trouble loggin in, 

  1. Make sure you are using your email credentials minus the @citytech….If that doesn’t work, THEN
  2.  Re-set your password…If that doesn’t work, THEN
  3. Email helpdesk and let them know that your account is unable to access the VPN. This problem seems to be fairly common.


See attachment for instructions on loading vpn to access labs remotely.  If you need further information email:

We have two adjunct CLT’s available to provide support with blackboard and the use of the remote computer lab, V 428. They are available Monday-Thursday evenings, please email them if you need their assistance so they can be prepared to help you.
Valentin Ramirez,Office Hours: Mondays and Thursday 5:30pm-8:00pm,  valentin.ramirez@mail.citytech.cuny.eduKelly Wu,Office Hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5:00pm-8:00pm,