Hi Class,

I hope you all are well.  I forgot to mention during our last class that this coming Thursday 4/9  is Spring recess and we will NOT have class.  Our next webex class session is 4/16.  Our course calendar on our Open Lab site is updated, please review.

I will email you your midsemester grades this week.  It will include all work submitted prior to 4/9 8am (our usual class time).  I’ve gone through approximately half of the student shared folders and while there are several students I applaud for having turned in all assignments to date (I am amazed at your hard work, especially through these tough times), there are still many students that have not submitted work on dropbox.  Some of you have been in contact with me regarding technology or other issues.  I understand this is a very tough time for some of you.  Please aim to get your assignments submitted via dropbox before 4/9 so that I can provide you productive feedback.

NOTE: I’ve created a subfolder named “GRADED WORK” within our individual shared dropbox folders.  As I grade your work, I’ll move your assignment over to this subfolder, along with a copy of the file with your grade using the same file name but with “GRADED” at the end of the file name.  This will allow us to track which assignments have been graded and you can check the “GRADED WORK” subfolder for your assignment grade.  DO NOT MOVE YOUR WORK TO THIS FOLDER, I’LL MOVE IT AS YOUR ASSIGNMENTS ARE GRADED.  Please let me know if any questions.

Thanks and I hope you all are staying safe and in good health.

Best Regards,

Prof Anderson

“Where can your students find online resources to assist with distance learning?”

Visit Faculty Commons for more up-to-date resources and information.

For other important updates, please visit the City Tech website or CUNY’s website.

Thank you and stay safe.