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Video Project

La Vie En Rose Commercial

I feel that the La Vie En Rose commercial was effective because you can hear the similarities of the song compared to the babies crying. This commercial is successful because it draws viewers in by portraying a well known song in a non conventional way. This playful take on La Vie En Rose is a smart way to keep the audience interested and watching until the end when the purpose of the commercial is revealed.

Cooper Hewitt Field Trip

Edcouch-Elsa Fine Arts Center 


This building is part of Edcouch-Elsa School District, and is a treasured achievement to the community. The vivid, eye catching design that wraps around the building commands attention. The inspiration behind the striped bands is the sound waves of the high school’s fight song, and the bold colors match the surrounding auto shops. Something that’s interesting about the design of this building is that it can be seen from a distance in all directions. The creator used this to his advantage by making sure the sound wave design could be seen from both sides of the building.

What is Affordable Housing? Toolkit and Rent Regulation Rights Posters


These posters were designed for the Center For Urban Pedagogy. The aim of this company is to educate people in urban communities about social issues by bringing them information in a visual way. The intent of these posters is to explain New York rent stabilization laws to people in China Town in a simple way. This exhibit caught my attention because of the minimalism of the illustrations and bold primary colors. The sleek, clean design allows the reader to see information in an organized, visual and understandable way.

Fresh Moves Mobile Markets


This project was created by Fresh Moves Mobile Markets. The goal of this organization is to bring produce to Chicago neighborhoods that lack healthy food. This bus would draw attention to the target market because the designer has made it relatable and bright. The bus is a decommissioned transit bus that has been made into a mobile market. The exterior of the bus makes it memorable because of the striking graffiti lettering and intense use of color.

Visual Quote Final- “We’re All Mad Here”


My first design showcases the Cheshire Cat. I used the typeface Charlemagne, which is a thin serif that gives off a dark, Tim Burton feeling. I manipulated the letters into different, irregular sizes to evoke the look of teeth.


My second design features the Mad Hatter’s hat. Again, I used the serif typeface Charlemagne. I chose to only use the colors black and light blue because these are the colors commonly associated with Alice in Wonderland. I placed the hat above the text to create a hierarchy that leads your eye from the hat down to the quote. I stacked the text into three, even rows underneath the hat to keep a sense of balance throughout the piece.


My final design features a teacup because tea is often associated with Alice in Wonderland. In this design, I used the serif typeface Charlemagne. I stacked the text into three, uneven rows to create visual interest. I manipulated the text “MAD” by stretching it taller to give it an irregular look and support the feeling of madness.

Visual Quote First Drafts

draft12 draft2 draft3

Visual Quote Project Sketches


Rebranded Logo Essay


Banner Design Sketches