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Please reflect on one behavior (exercise, diet, stress management) that you had the most success at changing this semester. How did LiveWell help/support you?  Reflect on your experience with LiveWell and your overall experience with the program.

Have a safe and healthful summer!

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  1. 1) Exercise – I am very happy to say that I’ve incorporated this fully in my weekly routine because I was able to distinguish which modes of exercise are working for me or not. LiveWell helped me validate this because the program gave me concrete examples of how many hours are actually considered ‘maintenance’, or what sorts of exercises actually count as effective. Also, it encouraged me to hit a certain amount of hours per week, as well as letting me know that I can break it into half an hour segments within the week.
    2) Stress – I also wanted to reflect on stress management because I’ve always thought that I’m a person who easily gets anxious. As it turns out (given the categories that LiveWell is showing me), I’m managing pressures in school, work and relationships pretty well, which really helped me a lot because that is one less thing for me to worry about.

  2. The behavior that I would like to reflect on is stress management. I have been able to manage my stress now for some time. This was seen when I did the stress assessment on live well, I was in the maintenance phase. There are a lot of things that can in fact cause stress in my life at this present moment, such as: financial stress, family stress, academic stress, work stress, and stress from not being where I think I should be in life. I am able to manage all this by telling myself that it won’t be like this forever, obtaining higher education to get a better job, being positive, having positive people around me and last but certainly not least having a strong faith in God. I got further tips from the live well program by them offering additional resources and knowledge on how to deal with stress. My overall experience with live well was a positive one. I think that it is a very good program. The two areas that I am struggling with is exercise and diet. I am not fully committed to either of them. I try my best to work out in the summertime and it is something that I hope to dedicate to fulltime. Considering a healthy diet, I need to incorporate a lot more fruits and vegetables, during the live well program I thought of replacing all my snacks such as a candy bar with a fruit each time I felt the need to munch on something, I still haven’t gotten around to that either. Overall I still appreciated the program and valued the information on all three areas. I hope that I will still have access to the program as I seek to modify my behaviors.

  3. A behavior that I got to change this semester was my nutrition. Doing the activities on LiveWell made me reflect on how unhealthy I was eating. I realized that I was not making healthier choices. For example, I wasn’t eating enough fruits, vegetables, proteins, good fats vs bad fat, healthy portions, food with low-sodium. While doing the diet activities I learned what to eat and how I can get most of my nutrients by choosing the right foods and also learn the benefit from it. For instance, when I would get hungry I would snack some potato chips, but now I would carry a fruit or some nuts. I started changing my diet by eating a fruit a day, reducing my portions, eliminating fast food, incorporating more whole grains and vegetables in my meals. So far I’m maintaining my diet in a healthier way.

  4. The Live Well program was occupied with an abundant amount of good information about exercising, healthy eating and stress management. These behaviors all promote a healthy and long lifestyle and the Live Well program is an exceptional way to learn how to manage the things that anyone need assistance within their life. However, the behaviors which I would like to focus on is exercising and eating healthy food. This program has given me a lot information about how important it is to eat healthy food as well as exercising on a daily basis. For example, before using this program, I wasn’t eating any fruits and exercising at all. However, I started doing all that after receiving this knowledge from the program. While developing my diet habits, I had learned what to eat and what not to eat, how I can get most of my nutrients by choosing the right foods and also learn the benefits of following through with my diet. For illustration, usually when I would get hungry I used to pick potato chips or cake to eat. Nonetheless, now I would carry a fruit or some nuts with me in case of me getting hungry. I started changing my diet by eating at least one fruit a day, reducing my portions, eliminating fast food, incorporating more whole grains and vegetables in my meals. Because of the Live Well program, I was able to lose weight. As a matter of fact, my stomach has become toned because I have completely stopped eating junk food. I have noticed significant differences in my appetite as well after consistently eating healthy food as I am now more disposed to eating healthier than before. Now, whenever I want to eat, in the back of my mind, I’m trying to balance out my proteins, greens, and some carbs. Ultimately, the Live Well program gave me comprehensive, and helpful information on how to be healthy.

  5. Coming to interact with the LIVE-WELL program was a very useful tool. However, for some lifestyle, like exercise, i have been doing approximately 9 years. Exercise for me is a habit, if i don’t do it i feel something is missing on me, is like if i don’t wear T-shirt i feel nude, pretty much. In the other hand, when it comes in the stress management, I was in the preparation stress. Additionally, I was feeling anxious when i have a project in either case school or job areas. I guess my stress grow and grow until a situation that i just felt overburden and to be in that situation is nothing easy at all. However, with the live-well program i learn, that you got it go by stage, and some tips also, to do yoga, meditation, and don’t rust to go to your destination, everything is a process, in order to go to point D you must have to pass by A, B, and C. In the other hand, my healthy eating was in action. Since i was engage in activities like exercise i maintain my self by eating well, however, when i just found out with the live well, it was even better, i was eating, fruits and vegetable very healthy. Overall, the Live-Well program help me in my adventure of being in a good shape, good thinking, and good health.

  6. The behavior I found the most success with was stress management. Live well exposed that when it comes to diet and exercise that I still haven’t made great strives to do so just because of being a full time student and part time work. But one thing I was able to great grip was stress management. Probably due to my laid back, borderline lazy lifestyle, I know when to take a step back and take a deep breathe. My experience with live well was a love-hate relationship. I liked how it showed you the different things you could do and how to improve yourself but at the same time being constantly reminded that you’re in pre contemplation can be a little daunting. It would be like going to the doctor to hear that you’re overweight twice a year but the free time you do have you just wanna catch up on sleep. I know it is there to help me as individual but sometimes different people need different types of motivations.

  7. Stress management was the behavior I found the most success changing this semester. I am a very stressful person and when I went to Live well I learn different ways to learn how to manage my stress. Live well taught me to change my life style when my stress levels are high. Not only through stress but also my diet and to exercise, which motivated me eat better and left me with a lot energy. Overall Live well was great program to be a part of because they ask questions that hit straight to point with every situation. I learn to improve my health behaviors throughout the semester and built more motivation. It is an excellent program that hits the write type of crowd, as college students were constantly on the go with a lot assignments are professors give us, but its important to diet well, exercise and mange stress in order to success to the highest potential.

  8. I believe I was most successful with Exercise. I actually joined a gym after doing the first LiveWell assignment. I always knew that exercise is an essential part of our daily lives but was always to lazy to actually act upon my activity habits, or I would say I will exercise and then change my mind about it. I read all the types of exercises I could do, and found it to be a bit too much for a full time college student and worker. Although it was difficult I am managing to get some exercise into my every week. I have managed to change some of my eating habits but I do believe my exercise habits are way better than they used to be. I did enjoy the small activities assigned to us because I could actually take those assignments into my every day life. I did try some recipes, and I tried practicing some of the promises I wrote down. Overall it is difficult to stay healthy but I know with discipline and practice that I can get there. I am hoping that I will be able to continue logging on to LiveWell so as to constantly remind myself to exercise daily. This class has opened my eyes to many things that I completely ignored before, and I enjoyed it.

  9. I find LiveWell an excellent website where you can find helpful tips about how to improve your health. I was able to learn about how to eat more healthy , now I pack healthy snack during schools days. I also joined Blink Fitness , so far i have loss 6 pounds. I would highly recommend LiveWell 🙂 its a great website

  10. I think one of the behaviors that I had the most success was drinking more juices and eating more fruits. LiveWell supported me to start with a very less amount of juice intake like ¼ cups a day. Since, the weather has also gotten better so I have started my juice intake more. Also, often my mother gives me fruits to eat which I do try to finish it and I drink more fruit juices if possible than compared to soft drinks that aren’t healthy. My overall experience with LiveWell was great. Although I do eat very less amount of cheese, I do try to eat dry fruits that are healthy but yes I do lack eating vegetables and I look forward to eating healthier still which LiveWell have appreciated me to do so. For me I have been engaging in my walk for more than 6 months for about atleast four days a week regularly so I don’t think I should make it more complicated for me because I don’t usually get time for it. The best I can do is focus on healthy diet I believe and avoiding junk food which is tempting to eat at times like certain chips and chocolate juices which are my favorite. LiveWell have appreciated me to engage in drinking at least better juices and my mom does the same so I have someone to help me with engaging in a good behavior too and at the same time not remain dehydrated.

  11. The LiveWell program is totally well constructed, and the behavior changes I’ve taken up the most recently is participating in yoga to destress myself, and to help lower risks of future diagnostics for high blood pressure, which is a great risk in Asians.
    Livewell’s activities gave me a clearer definition on how to deal with certain problems, like maintaining a consistent exercise routine and shifting my diet to a healthier one.

  12. I believe I was most successful with Diet. LiveWell is an amazing website to encourage people to become healthy and have people interested in being healthy. When I started the program I decided I was going to follow what the program was suggesting. It motivated me to eat healthy and watch what I eat. Before the program I wouldn’t care to watch what and how I’m eating now I’m more cautious of what I eat. To me the LiveWell was a great motivator.

  13. The one behavior that really helped me was exercise. LiveWell showed from the beginning what to do and what not to do. The exercises not only kept me active and energetic, but it also kept me focused in the classroom. Plus, it help me do away with the junk food and start me on the healthy side of food. I owe my thanks also to LiveWell for the healthy eating. I am always willing to go for a jog or run in the park to keep my heart pumping.

  14. The Live Well experience helped me with all 3 areas of stress, exercise and diet. I am not 100% to my goals with any of them but with Live Well it gave me a better way to look at these things in my life. Of course no one wants to give up there favorite food or exercise but with live well it helped me out to start off small and build up. You do not always have to say I am going on a diet tomorrow and only eat a salad all day. Also with live well it gave me little quotes I can say to encourage myself through out the day when I am feeling stress. I do not ever think I will have my stress under control due to me being a over thinker But I can help myself by saying quotes and not allowing myself to be down for so long. You have a moment and get over it and move forward.

  15. Livewell helped me to start eating healthy and managing stress. Livewell not only determined how close I was to getting started with a healthy lifestyle but also gave me steps and tricks to start eating healthy and managing stress. It enabled me to set short term and realistic goals like eating 2 cups of vegetables and fruits everyday and discussing my problems with someone who I can trust in order to manage my stress. Stress management really helped me get through the finals week and healthy heating enabled me to stay away from emotional eating while I was stressed. Overall Livewell was very effective in helping me kick start a healthy lifestyle and I will surely continue incorporating what I learned from Livewell in my daily routine.

  16. According to my perspective the Live Well program is a great program, and I’m glad that I was introduced to use it in this semester. It was actually broken into few categories: stress management, exercise, and nutrition. For me personally, I think the one that helped me the most was stress management. I often find myself stressed out between working full time and having school full time simultaneously. I often found myself under a lot of pressure. The Live Well program made me think that if I do not care about my health at first place, I won’t be able to deal with any situation relevant to stress. In addition, The stress management was my favorite part, because I used to not handle stress very well and I used to be worried about a lots of things, nevertheless after having done many activities on this program, I realized that in spite of all the negative and positive things of everyday life, I had support from my family and friends, and people who listen to me and as well as support me. For instance, this semester has been a very stressful for me because all my classes were hard. There was one section which is called time management and it has provided me comprehensive information related to this topic. Utilizing the Live Well program is to evaluate and get feedback on how to manage that stress was extremely helpful for me. I rushed through while I was doing the survey since they were very long, it could’ve been better or easier if the survey would be shorter. I might have had missed certain information in terms of stress management, which also could’ve been helpful for me. But I always go back sometimes when I have time to get more information. To sum up, it was a really explicitly program in terms of getting healthy and managing the time without taking any stress.

  17. I found the Livewell program a very useful tool throughout the semester. It utilized the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change seamlessly through it’s monthly check ups of our journeys. For me personally, I always stayed at the maintenance stage. I’ve been maintaining a healthy diet, exercising habits and managing my stress for years. However, I feel stress was the most useful section for me because stress is not as easy to manage depending on the situation, although I’ve been managing my own stress for a long time now. Any given situation can alter the way I manage my stress and can possibly affect me greatly. This program gives many helpful tips in case I ever do get affected greatly by stress. The examples from other students really put situations into perspective and give many helpful tips to combat stress. It also gives the user the comfort of knowing that he or she is not alone when facing stressful situations.

  18. The one behavior i had the most success at changing this semester was my diet behavior. I think LiveWell help me on my diet pretty well because it was like a guide for me to follow. It gave me information that i should do to better my diet and health. Before i started LiveWell my diet was a mess i would eat a lot and anything when i was hungry and also eating late at night. I was also eating lots of greasy food and unhealthy food. After doing the LiveWell program i was able to change my diet dramatically, i started eating more healthy, i follow what they told me to eat such as colorful fruits, lots of veggies, low sodium, low salt, low sugar, and many more. From then on i started eating more healthy and when i go grocery shopping with my mom i would buy lots of veggies and fruits so my whole family can also have a healthy diet. While following their guide i was able to shed some weight and so did my family. LiveWell was a pretty good experience for me. It was quite helpful too. Overall i think this program would help out other people that are trying to be healthy or to get fit.

  19. One of the behaviors I had the most success with was stress management. A problem that I had was time management and the stress that comes with deadlines and procastinating. The activities on the Livewell homepage have been very helpful and the guides on how to eat healthier have also helped me improve my diet.

  20. I had the most success at changing this semester with LiveWell support by doing those exercises. The one that helped me a lot was the diet exercises. It actually showed me in pictures and graph how I ate and what I should eat to have a healthy lifestyle. I want to pursue a career as a dietitian, but by answering those questions about my daily diet, I had a self-reflecting moment and that’s when I decided to change my eating habits and make sure I know what I’m putting in my body and to have to control over that. After that and on the next 3 exercises I saw the improvement. it was more helpful because of the visual graph. It showed how I was all the way at the bottom and from that, i went all the way to the top of the graph. And even now I feel stronger and awake during my classes. After following the instructions I can see and feel difference

  21. Please reflect on one behavior (exercise, diet, stress management) that you had the most success at changing this semester. How did LiveWell help/support you? Reflect on your experience with LiveWell and your overall experience with the program.

    I found I had the most success at changing my diet this semester. LiveWell helped support me by laying out a good plan for me to follow. This semester I decided to change my eating habits by eating lots of fruits, vegetables and protein. Previous to this semester I was not eating healthy since it is easier to binge on junk food and avoid the foods that are healthier. I decided that since I did not make time to work out due to repetitive schoolwork I should eat more healthy. My biggest change this semester was that I now bring my own lunch and snacks to school, rather than pick up food from a vending machine. I made sure that I did not go to classes hungry, so I ate breakfast before I left the house every morning. Overall, Livewell changed my eating habits, and I would recommend this program to anyone looking for a healthy change of lifestyle.

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