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COMD 4900 E298 SPRING 2017

Guest Speaker James Levine

Low Learning Curve

This weeks guest speaker was James Levin a heavily decorated Creative Service Provider, Digital Photographer, Career Coach and Talent Acquisition Specialist. He has worked with brands such as:


James is a brand builder, comes from commerce, at one time he provided content but now he provides talent.  James lived his dream and became a photographer in New York City starting as an apprentice working his way up to studio manager and now owner of  WWW.JOBSEARCHTHERAPY.COM. He recently graduated with a B.F.A inPhotography and was in the business for a 27 year run. That all changed when he had a career ending eye surgery. So he took a year off reaccessed, revalued, retooled himself. Under normal circumstances most people would panic but James took a different approach. He took his strengths such as understanding the creative process, knowing “GOOD” talent, managing people, time, a keen vision as to what a company wants and needs and applied that to his new career direction which is currently Talent Acquisition.

He said ” Change is not to be feared, but be embraced, it is essential for you to grow”.

He then moved on to Career Sequencing. We need a strong foundation in order to move forward. He referred to our education, cover letters, resumes and most important our networking skills. Career sequencing is experience that you acquire through out your life that will help in developing your career. He mentioned how our first gig you might encounter a situation were you learn a lot or one were you will learn nothing at all. Both are experiences on one hand you gain technical knowledge and on the other you gained knowledge of a different kind. Most people would only take the negative out of the situation but James urged us to put a spin on it. If they have staking boxes all day you can turn that into “logistical management”.  He then talked about our cover letters, resumes and the importance of going out to industry shows, get togethers, with business cards in hand ready to distribute.

After listening to that I then looked at myself and saw how we had something similar. I also had a massive career change. I was also retooling, revaluing, rebuilding myself. I looked at my own personal experiences differently. I stared to sequence my experiences in my head and reworded them into a resume. In that moment I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and I am optimistic of my future.

Thank You James Levin!



Society Row Open Call

In todays episode of Society Row I wore many hats. I ushered in the models, moved furniture, took photographs, and took video. I also edited video in between sessions so they can be updated for the website as well as retouched photos. There was a lot to do in little time. So I made sure my time was managed efficiently to  get the most out of my time there. Due to previous issues with batteries, I brought my own cords and batteries so I can document without interruption.


On 4/01 Saturday, I attended another open call model shoot. I was in charge of filming the models experience as they went through the interview process. The goal was to get candid shots of the models to obtain a documentary feel. Of the clips that I filmed a new video for the splash page will be produced for the websites splash page.  This week I will be working on anther magazine cover project. It will have a younger look and feel so to apeal to the younger demographic.

Also this week I went online to the RedTie training and I’m looking forward to creating my first product. It seems pretty straight forward.

Tomorrow is our trip to Hearst publication and I hope I get a lot out of the experience.


Internet use by businesses is increasingly expanding. As the general population becomes more dependent on mobile devices to perform daily tasks, businesses are faced with the challenge of meeting the publics demand. Various sectors in industry have made the move to meet these needs. They have  created a strong online presence which has allowed them to keep up with the pace of online use. The potential is still out there for other industries to take advantage of.

One such market that can be further exploited is Web 2 print. The print market is not going away but evolving. It’s at this point in it’s evolution that commercial printers need to capitalize on a Web 2 print solution to further expand. The technology that supports this type of venture is no longer a problem. With software solutions and Web 2 print storefronts, businesses can focus on the bottom line rather than lines of code. This is why traditional print vendors should consider Web 2 print platform as means of bring in additional revenue. There are four things businesses need to consider in justifying a Web 2 print solution.

  1. Speed: The buying and selling process online is much faster. As soon as a customer completes an online purchase the order is processed an the printers are off and running. All transactions are handled by the software and can be view online or printed.
  2. Cost effectiveness: Store fronts can be anywhere that legal to conduct business. Customers don’t need to see where they are getting their products from, so businesses can be located in the cheaper parts of town saving on over head. Customer transactions confirmations are sent via email automatically, saving time, paper, the space needed to keep the paper so on and so on. This keeps cost down while keeping profits up.
  3. Broader footprint: Location is no longer important because the internet has no boarders. Traditional Printers are no longer limited to local traffic.  Orders can come in locally, out of state, out of country.
  4. Convenience: The customer gets exactly what they want, there is no need for discussion. The Printer can focus on printing said order and shipping it out.

With the ever increasing demand of printed products, Printing companies have to evolve from the traditional means of the brick and mortar store front. Web 2 print is the solution, by providing a web presence for traditional Printing Companies it allows them to cast a wider net out into the printer market place.




This week at Society Row, I had to view new videos that they want edited to make a promo for the website. I’ll be editing the videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. Once I have the clips that I need I will move them around so it makes the video more dynamic. Once that is completed I then will sync the video to the beat of a music track. In addition I will make new comp cards with new photos that were taken last week. The photos are of the models in action various poses which will be added to the original comp cards.


For the past couple of weeks at Society Row I have been quite busy. My first assignment was to photoshop images of models. I did things such as brighten there eyes, remove blemishes, smooth their skin. Then I moved on to making comp cards, comp cards are headshots of a model with a physical description. Other tasks included making collages, making adjustments to their logo, making adjustments to the images used for social media. I also created their Facebook banner and avatar. Last week and the beging of this week I had to proof read the website and make my suggestions as to what images should be used on both the blog and the website. The remainder of this week I have to edit a video, add all the new content to the Website. On Saturday we have an open call for models of which I will be allowed to give my opinion in the model selection process.

Cover Letter

Alberto Diaz

570 Grand Street Apt H702

New York, NY 10002


Dear Recruiting Representative,
This letter is in response to your post for a graphic design internship on LinkedIn. I am currently a Senior at New York City College of Technology (The City University of New York) working towards a Btech degree in Web Design. I would like to use my education to contribute to StreetEasy goals, and take part in supporting the creativie team, while gaining solid professional experience. Through my course work I have learned to conceptualize and execute ideas that effectively communicate target audiences. I understand the importance of meeting deadlines in addition to giving quality presentations. I strive for precision in my work and work well under pressure, in addition I can work with a team or autonomously.

Should my educational background, as well as my design and technical skills, t the present needs of your organization, I can be available for an interview at your earliest convenience. If you have any further questions regarding my quali cations, please feel free to contact me at the email or phone number above.


Alberto Diaz

Web Deveolper


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