First Online Class, Sept 7, 2018

Hello students,


  1. Please read over the Notes for Chapter One.  This is my own handout that I created for your convenience. Once you have read the notes, see if there are any questions you may want to ask. Post your questions on discussion thread.


2. Once we have completed discussing Chapter 1, we will move on to chapter 4. You will read at home for 1 hour and then we will go over the Handout: How to write notes. We will also practice How to Write a Reflection Long entry. It is under files too, so you can see it.

Both of these activities, writing Notes for every chapter we do, and writing a Reflection Log for every chapter we do, are part of the course requirement. Today, we are learning how to do it so we will practice together on Chapter 4. You will complete the assignment until the end of class and send it directly to my e-mail.