My bio page

     My name is Alina YY Kong. After I transferred from Brooklyn College, I shift my interested in graphic communication. My goals for my academic career year at New York City College of technology is to get a bachelor degree in art& advertising design, and become an advertising designer in the future. I hope one day I can design and make the ads for some companies. This is my first graphic communication class, but I had much previous experience in art. I took three years of drawing classes in my native country when I was in grade 4 to grade 6. I took one semester of art history with professor Gerspacher in Brooklyn College, USA, where I learned the works of different art pieces created by different Western and Eastern artists from the earliest period to the recent period. One of the artists I like most is Leonardo da Vinci. He’s the most influential artist of the Renaissance in 16th century Europe . His classic work “Last super” ( showed his talent in drawing, creativity in design, and ability to observe and organize things. I want to learn from him in order to become a good advertising designer.