Ethics in Graphic Design – Entry 2

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2) a) Most of the work I did was for college assignments which included a famous company’s logo but even so, I wasn’t specifically told to give credit to the original artist. When using other people’s designs, I try using stock websites like Adobe Stock. For my one free-lancing job, I was told what to do and I myself created a logo. For images that I couldn’t find on the stock website, I would credit the artist.

b) Fairey deserved the punishment as he also admitted what he did was wrong. “My wrong-headed actions, born out of a moment of fear and embarrassment, have not only been financially and psychologically costly to myself and my family,” Fairey knew what would have happened so instead of getting in contact with Associated Press, he decided to continue with his design. “but later admitted that he had been mistaken and had tried to cover up his mistake.”  I think what Mr. Fairey got for his final punishment is well-deserved.


Ethics in Graphic Design – Entry 1

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1) a) Since my internship mainly focused on making TikTok videos, we didn’t have any issues with copyrighted images. There was a college logo which was in the college apparel we used for the video which was provided by our supervisor so there was no need for a trademark. It was just me and my teammate for making Tiktok videos, which we did by ourselves with one of them being in the video.

b) We didn’t require to sign an NDA or any kind of form during my internship. Although we weren’t required to sign anything, we didn’t disclose a lot about any task we were given.


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Looking back from day one to the end of the internship, I have learned a lot from gaining experience in using Adobe Premiere Pro to talking with new people. As a person who is an introvert, I was very shy to talk to my supervisor and my teammate but as we continued to internship journey, I gained confidence and learned to open up to people.

I wanted to do this internship as I have never heard about a job/internship that involves creating TikTok videos. Now as I go out in the world to look for jobs, I can use my skills to get into the filming industry, and creating posters for college, also helped me gain more experience on InDesign.

Communication was a very important key in my internship, it was hard for just two people and even our supervisor had said so. But we managed to create a lot of clips for the video. Even when we met online, we would have a group chat with our supervisor to talk to and my teammate and I chatted about how to do the video and where we will meet.

This internship was different than other internships I have known about. We were given the freedom to explore and come up with ideas by ourselves which helps us to be independent.

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Working Environment/ Mentor

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Although it was just me, my teammate, and my supervisor, the working environment was very helpful and positive.

In beginning we met online only for 30-40 minutes via ZOOM, we discussed what videos to create and when and how. We then met in person, and I and my teammate went to explore the campus and shoot some videos. While going back home, we did some more videos for our “commute” video.

We met in person 3-4 times and went to create more videos. Sometimes we would email the clips right away for her approval and help. All the clips were then added to the “clips” folder in the drive. We also met with other fellow students/advisors to shoot more videos around the borough.

My mentor was very helpful in guiding us to create clips, for poster designs and general things related to the internship.

Project- TikTok video

This New York City Viral Tiktok Trend Shows What It's Really Like To Live  There

First, we had to come up with a plan. From the month of September to December, four videos each month. But as we went further into the internship, we narrowed it down to create a total of four videos due to weather issues.

Commute: This is to show how students travel from all boroughs to come to the Public Educational Institution. It was just me and my teammate to record the video so while I was recording the video, we had shots of my teammate going on the train and in the different stations of the borough.

Literacy: In these, it was my turn to be in the video, which we filmed inside the library and around studying, looking at books in the aisle and by the pond.

Graduation: It was to show that you can graduate in 4 years by taking winter/summer classes

Saturday Live: Five people, two being me and my teammate and the other three from Public Educational Institution’s other intern had to represent five boroughs where we walk while strutting.

Poster Design

Although a majority part of our job was to film TikTok videos, we also had to create a poster.

It is for the Public Educational Institutional Effectiveness. Our supervisor gave us a detail to remember while creating a poster design, which is to have a blue color, geometrical design, and readable typeface like sans-serif.

We were told specifically to not add any fonts in front of the design as it may distract the viewers. We have a different folder shared in the drive, where our supervisor can see it and give us a feedback

After creating 3-4 designs, these two were the ones I created and finalized.

My Responsibilities


Editing a movie in Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro “Edit videos with the industry-standard film editor

On my second day of internship, during an online meeting, my supervisor told us about our jobs and responsibilities. Both of me and my teammate had to create a plan to film, edit, and prepare for TikTok videos based on subjects decided by the Public Educational Institutional Effectiveness and ourselves.

We have to use the portrait method to film and edit our videos to have 15-30 second videos in proper editing software. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit as I have an intermediate skill level from my film class. For filming, we just used iPhone 13 pro max as it has a better camera and filming. In addition to our filming responsibilities, we had to also design a poster for the Public Educational Institutional Effectiveness conference.

Our supervisor would text us the day before if we would meet online or in person. When meeting in ZOOM, we would have half an hour to update our supervisor about our work and how far we have come along and she would give us tips and ideas and more information for an upcoming task we need to complete. In person, we would have a 10-15 minutes meeting, and my teammate and I will go do filming around the college or city.

About My Internship


PR is important in the education domain, here's why - Hindustan Times

As a designer, I have never heard about an internship where an intern has to come up with ideas to create social media Tiktok videos, which was one of the reasons I wanted to do this internship.

This Public Educational Institution Effectiveness serves as the chief data strategist and provides leadership for a coordinated and collaborative process to plan and enact strategies to fulfill the college’s mission and Strategic Plan objectives.

Both me and my teammate will use data given to us by the office to create and come up with ideas for  TikTok videos. This Public Educational Institution Effectiveness has events or programs happening every month. For my job, we have to come up with ideas that are related to events happening each month.


My very first Internship- Obtaining and Searching


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After my Spring semester, I applied for an Internship class during Summer. At first, finding an internship was hard for me because first, it was my first internship, and second, I applied late due to other class conflicts. I applied everywhere from searching on google to LinkedIn and all other job sites. I even applied from all the sites posted by the college.

After weeks of searching for it and applying, I was guided to find an internship by helping me write an email to the Public Educational Institutional Effectiveness supervisor

After being on a call with my supervisor, we set up a meeting where she explained to me the job and its requirements and talked about my skills which can be used during this internship. I finally got my very first internship at Public Educational Institution Effectiveness.