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Money,clothes, food and other things that are given to the poor

This word was encountered in the list of words assigned by Professor Rosen as part of the glossary project.

The word Alms relates to clothing and other necessities that are given to the poor. The word Alms is associated with charity.


Facsimile- Noun

An exact copy

This word was first encountered in the word list assigned by Professor Rosen as part of the Glossary project

The word Facsimile means an exact copy of something or someone.


Jostling– Verb

To push against(Someone) while moving forward in a crowd of people

This word was first encountered in the list of words assigned by Professor Rosen as part of the Glossary Project

The word Jostling relates to pushing someone across a crowd of people while moving forward at the same time. The easiest way to remember about the definition of this word is to think about colliding against another person



Definition- Partially carbonized vegetable tissue that has been formed by partial decomposition in water of various plants.

Definition Location-

I’ve encountered this word during Professor Rosen’s class when we went over during the glossary assignment in case anyone had any questions. I understand this word to be related to organic material found in mires that can be used for plants and even to set it on fire as a fossil fuel.

Pedigree- Noun

Definition- The origin or history of something or someone usually when it’s good or impressive.

Where I found this definition:

I discovered this word during my many visits to the pet store and the costco warehouse.

I understand this word by thinking of dogs and the way they are classified. The dog is pedigree and is not a mixed breed.

Gilt-Noun and at times a adjective

Definition– It refers to having a thin layer of gold or something that resembles a golden color. It can also be used to refer to a young female swine.

Where I found the definition of Gilt:

I Discovered this word when I saw it on the list of definitions

The way I understand this word is by thinking of fake jewelery that resembles gold. That piece of jewelry is actually metal with a gilt coating.