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Friday Night is Movie Night!

Hello, AGU! Every Friday will be Movie Night at the club. The LAST Friday of each month is Horror movie night. My favorite! Each Monday, we will make a post asking what movies you all would like to watch. We will have a theme/genre for each week so please only comment movies that are relevant for the week. We will then make a poll with the movies asked for. You all will vote on what movies you want to see. The top 5 voted movies will be played for that week’s Movie Night so make sure to get your vote in or we might play some other crappy movie.


We encourage people to bring snacks for all of us to share. If you can’t stop by the store for a quick second, donate a few dollars so we can all pitch in for some sodas and chips. Snacks are great but please clean up after yourselves before leaving the room! I don’t want to see a mess at the end of our events.


Lastly, in order to take part in our events, you need to have paid your club dues beforehand. If you have not yet paid, or are looking to become an official member of our club, please speak with our Treasurer Edwina about payment. Join us. We have cookies. Well, sometimes we do.


Hope to see you at our epic event!

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