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Retro Game Day

Hello, AGU! Thursday, October 8th will, be our first official Retro Video Games Day! If you have an old GameCube, Xbox or even a still kicking¬†Playstation 1 console, bring it in with some cool games! This week will be Mature Retro Game Day so bring all the awesome¬†bloody¬†and¬†gory¬†games for us to play! We need members to volunteer bringing in their consoles and games so please let us know if you have anything¬†you are willing to bring in! Please make sure to bring in all the wires needed to hook your console up to the t.v in our room. You don’t want to drag a heavy Xbox all the way here¬†just to realize you left the power cable at home. That would totally suck.


We would love to have snacks for our events! If everyone buys a bag of chips or even a soda, we are in business. If you don’t have the time to stop by the store, please donate some money so we can all pitch in to get some! As always, please leave the club room clean! Throw all your trash away and push your chairs in the tables, for craps sake.


Lastly, in order to take part in our events, you need to have paid your club dues beforehand. If you have not yet paid, or are looking to become an official member of our club, please speak with our Treasurer Edwina about payment.


Hope to see you at our groovy event!

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