HW for Thu (10/24)

Read Block’s “Issues for DSM-V: Internet Addiction” and Lane’s “Addicted to Addiction” (handouts).  While reading, underline and/or make notes on the following:

–Key Points for Summarizing Block’s View.  What do you think Block’s main points about internet addiction are?

–Key Points in Lane’s Critical Summary of Block’s View.  In Lane’s response article (“Addicted to Addiction”), which of Block’s points does the author address?  How does Lane respond? Does he agree with Block? What is his thesis?

1 thought on “HW for Thu (10/24)”

  1. While reviewing Lane’s piece ” Addiction to addiction” I felt that Lane was belittling the diagnosis of Internet Addiction. In some cases Lane tends to allude that internet addiction shouldnt be classified as a real addiction and its just a way for the APA to add more diagnoses to their book. He does this by comparing it to other simple displays of human behavior such as road rage etc. He goes further to talk about the day to day use of the internet such as using it for directions, for an uber, or just simply looking for information. I agree with some of the points lanes brought across.

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