HW for Thu 10/10

A lot to catch up on, my apologies!
–If you haven’t yet, complete the make-up assignment from last week, as it will count as your “attendance” for both classes last Thursday.
–If your draft of Essay 2 is due on Wednesday, work on that!
–If you’d like me to give you a provisional letter grade (not a final grade) for your Essay 1, please send me a *significantly revised* version of that essay by Tuesday, 10/15.  See my separate post on Midterm and Essay grading.
–Read Mirene Arsanios’ “April-May-June” in Packet I (pp. 32-7).  Focus on: how does Arsanios move between narrative (action) and her own analysis (reflection)?  How does she reflect on the significance of the events she’s experienced without and turning her experience into an “epiphany” (a “look-how-much-I-learned-about-the-hidden-secrets-of-life moment”)?  Where and how does she bring in secondary sources—text or ideas by other writers that she has found through research and reading?
–Read Adrian Chen’s “Don’t Be A Stranger” in Packet I (pp. 62-6).  Focus on: what is Chen’s thesis/argument?  Where and how does she discuss research that supports her thesis?

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