What I am going to be discussing today is the Seneca Village, this was a village located close to the Central Park reservoir, it was mostly Black, and some Irish populations.

The first piece that I am going to discuss is called “Before yesterday we could fly”. This was a piece made by the Afrofuturistic design team at the met. It was a house that was supposed to depict how people were living at the time, with a couple of futuristic items such as a 5 sided tv, and many other artifacts.

Another piece was a map called the “Greensward plan” this was a map of old Central park before it was a park. It shows Seneca Village being a little settlement just close of what is now considered the Central Park Reservoir. This is interesting because I used to bike there a lot without actually knowing the history behind the site.

The last piece I am going to discuss is “Thriving and Potential, Displaced (Again and Again and…)” by Njideka Akunyili Crosby. What this piece symbolizes is the many artworks from that time, it was joined by Njideka’s signature art style, this piece reminds me of something you could do in photoshop, it feels close to home.

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