EX15: Final Project

Thank you all for attending the advanced 3d animation class this semester. You did great work! Masa

Final project: create a 15-sec animation that should include 1) physical movements of soft body, 2) particle dispersion simulation (that can be applied to the effect of fire, smoke, water, and so on), 3) with mechanical objects (related to mechanical engineering).


The 1st prize: Group E

The 2nd prize: Group D

The 3rd prize: Group F


Group A:Adnan,Dilwar, Chew,Kelvin K, December,Stephen V


Group B: Fitz-henley,Jarryd K, Flowers,Charles E, Garner,Justen P


Group C: Guaman,Ivan, Jack,Jonathan K, Kasumovic,Damir,


Group D: Korneyev,Michael, Lyagushev,Denis, Mejia,Joseph


Group E: Ramales,Edgar, Subrati,Reiad, Tampakis,Sophia


Group F: Ulanova,Yekaterina, Virk,Ravneet, Yu,Qing






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