Animation development process

Create a 5-second animation. Combine 3 animation into one 15-sec movie.

Next week we will have a presentation showing a 15-sec engineering animation.


Group A:Adnan,Dilwar, Chew,Kelvin K, December,Stephen V

Group B: Fitz-henley,Jarryd K, Flowers,Charles E, Garner,Justen P

Group C: Guaman,Ivan, Jack,Jonathan K, Kasumovic,Damir,

Group D: Korneyev,Michael, Lyagushev,Denis, Mejia,Joseph

Group E: Ramales,Edgar, Subrati,Reiad, Tampakis,Sophia

Group F: Ulanova,Yekaterina, Virk,Ravneet, Yu,Qing


Group A

Ocean, Ship/Flag, Fish

Group B

Cannon, Fire (will be changed)

Group C

2 Cars racing, Flag, Crash

Group D

Missile, Planet

Group E

Beach Party

Group F

Show, Boat, Flag/Sail

0-5 Sec 5-10 Sec 10-15 Sec
Group A Ocean Flag Fish
Group B Load Fire Impact
Group C 2 cars, Smoke Flag, Finish Line One stops, Another crashes
Group D Spaceship, Fire Missile moving Hit a planet, Explosion
Group E Shore, Sand, Towels Ocean, Boat Fireworks
Group F Snowing Ship Flag/Sail moving
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8 Responses to EX14

  1. Sophia Tampakis says:

    Group E- 4th of July, Beach Party


  2. Ravneet Virk says:

    Group F: Qing Yu, Ravneet Virk and Yekaterina Ulanova

  3. Joseph Mejia says:

    Group D
    Joseph Mejia
    Michael Korneyev
    Denis Lyagushev

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