The 5th Edition of The Companion- Internship Post 3

I got a chance to meet with the Director of First Year Programs to discuss our plans for the rest of the semester this week. I have been working with First Year Programs for a while. Since then, I got a chance to create flyers, the brochure, web banners, as well as rebrand the logo and branding for FYP. This semester was all about restocking on the deliverables and keeping everything up to date. This semester we are focused on updating the 5th edition of The Companion. The Companion is a book given to first year students to help guide them on their years at City Tech. To help update the book that students will be getting for their first year at the college is a huge deal. Students will be using these to get help them get use to their transition from high school to college. Should probably make this edition a good one. The question  I ask myself is, “what you would like to see if I was new student at City Tech ?”