Important information about the FINAL EXAM

Hi everyone,

The Mathematics Department has released information about how the final exams will be conducted this semester. I want to give you a quick overview, and share the more detailed information from the department.

How will you take the final exam?

The process for the final exam will be similar to our Exam #2:
1. On the day of the exam, I will post Exam information on the OpenLab
2. You will complete the exam in WeBWorK using a special “Exam WeBWorK account”, NOT your usual WeBWorK account – more info on this later. You will have a 48-hour window to start the exam, and a 2-hour window to complete the exam once you start it.
3. You will upload your written work in pdf format to a dropbox link that I will provide.

What is my “Exam WeBWorK Account”?

This is a special WeBWorK account created just for you to take the final exam (and the practice final exam). It is NOT the same as the WeBWorK account you have been using all semester.

You should have received an email sometime today (Friday, 5/8/20) with the title Practice Exams and Final Exam Login Information from the address WeBWorK Administrator <>. This email contains your exam WeBWorK account login and password, and a link to the WeBWorK final exam area for our class.

If you didn’t receive your login/password information today, please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Please read the information provided by the Math Department – Frequently Asked Questions for students: