Semester Grades are now available

Hi everyone,

Semester Grades have been submitted to CUNYFirst (they should be available shortly). You can find more detail, including your score in each of the grading categories (WeBWorK, OpenLab, Exams, Quizzes, Final Exam, Overall) on the OpenLab GradeBook.

REMEMBER: Grading this semester is unusual, in the sense that you can CHOOSE whether to receive a letter grade, or convert it to CR/NC. More details can be found in my previous post on the subject, here:

For a comparison of ALL the grading options this semester, including W (withdrawal), I (incomplete) and CR/NC (credit/no credit), see this handy chart provided by the Mathematics Department.

Don’t hesitate to send me an email or leave a comment if you have any questions.

I want to thank you all for sticking it out through this unusual semester. I hope to see some of you in person on campus again, one day!

Be well,
Prof. Reitz

Dropbox upload link is WORKING again!

Hi everyone,

It looks like the link for uploading your final exam written work stopped accepting uploads early this morning – that was a mistake! The exam is still going on, until midnight tonight. The link should be working again now. Full instructions can be found in the ***Final Exam*** post:

Good luck! Feel free to leave a comment here or send me an email if you have questions…

Prof. Reitz

Update to Grading Policy

Hi everyone,

As you may remember, the original syllabus listed 3 in-class exams in addition to the final. Due to coronavirus disruptions, we have held 2 in-class exams and a number of “daily quizzes” – the updated grading policy appears below, and has been reflected on the syllabus:

UPDATE TO EXAM GRADING POLICY:  Due to class disruptions caused by coronavirus, the In-Class Exams (45%) portion of your grade for the semester will be computed as follows:

In-Class Exams & Quizzes (45%):  There will be two in-class exams during the semester, worth a total of 35% of your grade, and a number of “Daily Quizzes”, worth a total of 10% of your grade.

The original policy appears here, for your reference:

In-Class Exams (45%): There will be 3 exams during the semester (not including the final).  No makeup exams will be given.  If you miss an exam for a valid reason, your final exam score will take the place of the missing exam.

If you have any questions about this change, please let me know.

Prof. Reitz

Important information about the FINAL EXAM

Hi everyone,

The Mathematics Department has released information about how the final exams will be conducted this semester. I want to give you a quick overview, and share the more detailed information from the department.

How will you take the final exam?

The process for the final exam will be similar to our Exam #2:
1. On the day of the exam, I will post Exam information on the OpenLab
2. You will complete the exam in WeBWorK using a special “Exam WeBWorK account”, NOT your usual WeBWorK account – more info on this later. You will have a 48-hour window to start the exam, and a 2-hour window to complete the exam once you start it.
3. You will upload your written work in pdf format to a dropbox link that I will provide.

What is my “Exam WeBWorK Account”?

This is a special WeBWorK account created just for you to take the final exam (and the practice final exam). It is NOT the same as the WeBWorK account you have been using all semester.

You should have received an email sometime today (Friday, 5/8/20) with the title Practice Exams and Final Exam Login Information from the address WeBWorK Administrator <>. This email contains your exam WeBWorK account login and password, and a link to the WeBWorK final exam area for our class.

If you didn’t receive your login/password information today, please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Please read the information provided by the Math Department – Frequently Asked Questions for students:

Important information about your grade (CUNY Credit/No Credit Policy)

Hi everyone,

This is indeed a very unusual semester at CUNY – I thank you all for sticking with it, despite the challenges!

I want to make you aware of a policy created by the central CUNY administration that may help you with your grades this semester. Take a look at the info and resources below, and please let me know if you have any questions.

What is the CUNY Credit/No Credit option?
For this semester only, in each of your classes you will be able to choose between
a) receiving a letter grade as usual (A,B,C,D,F, etc.), and
b) receiving a “Credit / No Credit” grade (like a pass/fail).

Why would I want to choose the Credit / No Credit option?
If you choose the Credit/No Credit option, your grade will not affect your GPA. If you pass the class, you will receive a CR (credit) grade, if you don’t pass the class you will receive a NC (no credit) grade. This is not the only benefit, and there are possible drawbacks as well – please read the policy faq carefully before you decide.

Why would I want to choose the letter grade option?
If you choose the letter grade option, you grade will affect your GPA. This is not the only benefit, and there are possible drawbacks as well – please read the policy faq carefully before you decide.

When do I have to make my decision?
You will be able to make the decision (in CUNYFirst) after the final grades have been entered by your instructor, but before June 25th. Basically, you can wait until you receive you letter grade at the end of the semester, and then decide whether you want to convert it to a credit/no credit grade.


CUNY Credit / No Credit Policy info

1. CUNY’s Frequently Asked Questions page about the policy.
2. City Tech’s info page about the policy.

Exam 2 Grades are posted

Hi everyone,

I’ve finished grading exam 2. This is our first “distance” exam, so I request your patience in navigating various technological hurdles – please read the following important messages before you check your grade!

  • This exam consisted of 6 problems, each worth 17 points (that means a perfect score would earn you a grade of 102 – a little bonus).
  • You can view your grade here on the OpenLab under Dashboard/OpenLab GradeBook (or look for the Gradebook widget on the right side of the screen)
  • In the gradebook you should see a little blue “comment” bubble next to your grade – this contains a link to your graded exam paper (pdf).
  • If your name does not appear in the OpenLab Gradebook, you need to register for the OpenLab and join the course! (then let me know, and I will add your grade information)
  • If you took the exam but did not receive a grade, please send me an email and we will track down the problem.

All the best,
Prof. Reitz

Information about exams – Practice Exam on Tuesday 4/21/20

Hi everyone,

Congratulations on making it through the first month of distance learning! I know everyone is concerned about how exams are going to be handled. We have created a process for taking exams at home that (hopefully) balances flexibility with security. Our class will be testing out the process this week by taking a Practice Exam on Tuesday 4/21 (this is required, but *not graded* – there will be no mathematics on the Practice Exam). This will give everyone a chance to try things out, and deal with any practical challenges around the technology. If all goes well, we will take our Exam #2 using the same process.

How will we take exams online?

Each exam will be announced on the OpenLab. You will complete the following two steps:

  1. After the exam is announced, go to WeBWorK and complete the exam there.
    • The exam will look like a regular WeBWorK homework assignment, with some minor differences.
    • You will have 2 hours to complete the exam, once you start work on it.
    • The exam will be available for 24 hours, and you can start working on it at any point during those 24 hours. However, once you begin working, you will only have 2 hours to complete the exam and submit your answers. The timer does not stop, even if you close your browser, so be sure to complete the exam within 2 hours of starting.
    • NOTE: You must complete all of the problems on paper, showing all of your work.
    • Submit your final answers in WeBWorK.
  2. Take photo(s) of your work on paper, convert to a single .pdf document, and upload it using a link I provide on the OpenLab.
    • The link I provide will be a Dropbox File Request link – you will *not* need any login or account information use it.
    • You will need to figure out how to combine multiple photos into a single .pdf document – the solution depends on the type of device. I suggest Googling something like “How do I combine multiple photos in a single pdf on iPhone?“. If you have trouble with this, PLEASE LET ME KNOW – send me an email, tell me the device you are using, and I will help you find a solution.

Your grade for the exam requires both your answers (submitted in WeBWorK) and your written work (uploaded). The majority of your grade will be based on your written work.

What do I need to do?

For now, nothing.

On Tuesday 4/21, I will post a Practice Exam – it will be announced on the OpenLab (the exam will be short and easy and will not include any math). You will complete the exam in WeBWorK and upload your work using the link I provide. If you have any trouble, please let me know!

Best regards – I hope you all are well and safe,

-Prof. Reitz