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Assignment #6B

Martin’s book  chapter is available to read as a PDF on the web because, he wants to share his knowledge of research strategies. Martin shares how knowledge is built in mainstream research: “Funding in particular areas and for particular applications is of fundamental… hierarchy within research communities keeps most junior researchers in line.” Martin shows us why the research structure is set up a certain way, some researchers may want to go outside of the mainstream idea. If they do, then they lack being noticed and funded. Martin then shows us another type of research, community participation. This type of research allows anyone to join in research projects with no credentials, leaving control to the community. Martin challenges professional researchers by giving other types of strategies. In having the chapter available as a PDF, Martin gives the audience a chance to research which type of strategy is better for them.

The availability of this book chapter being online does exemplify Martin’s idea that scholarship should be liberated. Martin liberated his idea of how knowledge is build, in doing so he shows the readers why research is done the way it is. Since most research is targeted to certain groups by writing research a certain way, excluding non-credential researchers. Martin’s chapter is written for the reader to better understand, allowing more opportunities for individuals.